Thursday, March 18, 2010

New pics

I just wanted to add a few new pics of my little "ray-a" sunshine. We had a fun weekend at the park. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our dog, no matter how silly he is (he really needs to be trained, and we are working on that). And just a couple of random wildlife pics.

Raia, and at the park:

Jack-in-the-box Raia!

My pig-tailed cutie :)

I was underneath this big thing she was climbing on at the park, peeking at her through a large step.

A couple of kids use this park and the surrounding woods to shoot their air soft guns. There are TONS of these little plastic ammo balls all over the ground, in all different colors. She was showing me a white one she had picked up. "Great!" I say..."Another thing for you to put in your mouth and swallow!" Ugh!! It was a cute picture though, she was so proud! And Granny, Nana, Doc, and Gran-Gran, don't worry! We never stay if those boys are in sight!!

Going down the slide!

**One thing I LOVE about living here is that all of the neighborhoods, or "villages" as they are referred to here, have several different parks, all within walking distance from your home. Another little PERK of living in our little bubble here in Texas :)



Spoken in my best Gibson voice, "Mmmm! KONG time!! Treats!! Now leave me aloooone!!" --A KONG is a special toy you can put treats into (Gibson loves treats AND peanut butter in his!), and *"it will periodically release food or treats. The resulting rewards ensure longer enriching playtimes." [It] "will engage and stimulate your dog, while reducing boredom, destructive behaviors, and separation anxiety." *From the KONG website.-- If you don't have one for your dog, you should get one...they are awesome! They even make them for cats!

Raia just loves Gibson...they are buddies :)


Random Wildlife:

This cute little guy comes at night and eats the cat food on the back porch :( As animal lovers, we just let he and his two raccoon buddies come and go as they please, as long as they keep the peace with the cats. And oddly, the cats don't even seem to be bothered by them, we have even seen them eat together out of two bowls side by side.

While we were at the park, this HUGE bird flew out of the tree above us and took off. I just got the camera in time to snap a pic. This is a cropped version of the original.

And this is uncropped. There were two really big nests in two different trees right there in the park. It was so neat to see it so close!

Thanks for checking in :)

Until next time.....


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