Sunday, August 16, 2009

I made out like a bandit...

Saturday, Kroger was having a great sale, and they were doubling coupons up to $1.00! I have started playing the Grocery Game to save some money, and it really works! It is so much fun, too! Anyway, Friday night, my friends Kim and Rita and I all went to Kroger at 11pm and shopped until the sale started at 12:15am. All three of us made out like bandits, Rita doing the best I think, she saved 74% or something. Her bill was crazy, like $141, and then after all the sales, coupons, and shopper card she ended up with a final bill of $34.41!!! She's the one who got me into this, and you can see why it appeals to me.
Ok, so this is everything I bought:

All this food, plus...

all of this health and beauty stuff.
Total bill before coupons - $128.18
After coupons - $59.50
I saved $68.68! That was a 65% savings! I got 72 items for $59.50, some of it was meat, too! I'm sitting here trying to figure out all the numbers in my head, and I am confused by this receipt because it does not tell me my 'before' total, only how much my coupons were (total $83.45) and how much the shopper card took off ($28.33) and my percent saving (65%). I know that when I saw my total before all the coupons came off, it was more like $150.00, but I don't see it anywhere on my receipt. Maybe the before coupons total of $128.18 plus the shopper card savings of $28.33 is what I saw, I don't know. Sorry if I have confused anyone, I'm just excited, that's all LOL!

On the home front, we are all doing fine. Raia is saying a few more funny words, like "Foon" for spoon, she calls ice cream or yogurt "keem", her best friend Madison is "Mommin" haha! Don't know if I've posted this one yet, but juice is "goose".
I will try to post more often, I just haven't had that much to post about. If you have any ideas, or questions, or anything at all, leave me a comment and I'll be glad to post about it! I have to go for now, errands are calling my name!
Thanks for checking in!


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Devon said...

I wish I could figure out the grocery game. This sounds stupid, but I just can't get it. I think, though, I don't buy a lot of the stuff they give out coupons for...sigh...anyway, congrats on such a saving! That's awesome!!

Hey, if you would like to write a letter, by all means! I would just write about how these little ones have touched your heart and how you hope that Oprah will highlight this disease. Sound ok?

Hugs to you and Raia!!