Monday, August 3, 2009

A small update on the walk, and Eli's birthday

The 5K Walk to honor precious Eli was a complete success! Kim did such a great job organizing it, and we had LOTS of people show up! It was bittersweet; I was so happy that so many people came to show their love and support, but at the same time my heart was aching for my friends who were missing their little boy. They made T-shirts to wear for the walk, and I swear, every time I'd catch a glance, tears would well up in my eyes...they were made and worn with love only a parent knows.

Kim and her daughter Madison.

This is only about half of the people that came out to walk or run with us.

Rita and I.

This is the beautiful donation box that Rita's sister-in-law made. Through Eli's Eyes raised $557 for FSMA!! Way to go!

There are buffalo at the park. They are the brown spots. Wish my camera would cooperate.

After the walk, Raia needed a little cooling off. She ended up wearing the pink lemonade :)

Nathan's sister came out to the walk, too (yay, Suz!).

After the walk, we took Raia to the playground. This picture is so cute...she just loves her Aunt Suzy!

We were the last ones to finish the 5K, but we finished! I wasn't worried about running or timing myself on it, I kind of just wanted to enjoy the sunshine and finish it on my own time. Raia did not want to be in her stroller at all, she wanted to walk! So that slowed us down a little, but she had fun. I''m so glad we went and did this. I can't wait to see what next year will bring!

Today, well, since it is after midnight as I am posting this it was technically yesterday, was Eli's first birthday. I had been wanting to go out to the cemetery with Rita for a while now, but it is over an hour away, so I had not been yet. She and Jason were going out today to release some balloons for his birthday, and Raia and I went, too, along with two of Jason's friends.

Happy Birthday Eli!
Eli's favorite color was red, so naturally he was having red balloons sent up for his birthday. Raia sent up one very special Elmo balloon, and it kinda stuck around for a few minutes before being taken by the wind like the rest of them. Rita and Jason had attached a little piece of paper to each one with a birthday wish, and the petition website, so hopefully lots of people will find these and go sign the petition to cure SMA. If you are reading this blog and have NOT signed the petition yet, go do it now, in memory of Eli. It takes 30 seconds, and you can even do it anonymously.
I think that's all the blogging I have in me for one night. Thanks so much for checking in!

Glad Game: (very short version for tonight)
1.) I am glad that we got to share in Eli's birthday today.
2.) I am glad so many people came out for the walk on Saturday!
3.) I am glad I have such wonderful friends!


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