Monday, May 25, 2009

Elmo on the laptop...

This Memorial Day weekend we haven't done much of anything. Just being lazy. After a week of Raia being sick, this long weekend was a much needed "vacation" from the daily grind.
Yesterday, we had the laptop on the kitchen table, and Raia wanted to watch Elmo. for a change of pace, we brought it up on the laptop. Here are a few pictures of her being a big girl at the table enjoying her Elmo!

I was behind the laptop, so it is not visible in these pictures; I wanted to catch facial expressions while watching her beloved Elmo!

We also had a little adventure yesterday. We were going to run some errand, and all the sudden this tiny little Pomeranian puppy came running up to me from the street. She had no collar or tags, nothing...and there was no one outside with her. (All the animals in the neighborhood must KNOW that our house is the one to come to if one becomes homeless!) I knew this puppy belonged to someone, but since we were on the way out, we decided to scoop her up and find her home when we came back, if that was possible. We went to a vet's office that just happened to have 2 ladies out walking the boarded dogs, and they agreed to come out to our vehicle and scan the puppy, even though they were closed. They didn't charge us a dime, either. She was not microchipped. She was such a cutie pie, and Raia loved her to pieces!

Nathan went to Wal Mart after we had had her here at home for about 3 hours, and on his way home, he saw 2 girls down the street, around 10 and 16, crying in their driveway. He came in and got the puppy, and before he could get into the street good, the girls came running; they were so happy to have their puppy back! So, happy ending for the puppy, maybe her owners will put a collar and tags on her or have her microchipped now. The vet told up that since she had no tags and was not microchipped, she was legally ours if we wanted her (and don't think for a second I wouldn't have kept her ~ she was precious!) I am glad the little girls got their puppy back, I would have been really sad, too had it been my puppy!

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