Saturday, May 23, 2009

My very first post...

I thought blogging would be a good way to let out of state family into our little bubble here in Texas. We will see how well it goes!

Raia is growing so fast these days, I just can't believe it. Just yesterday she opened the bedroom door by herself. Looks like we will need to start childproofing with the doorknob things (oh what fun! ~ I can barely open doors with those things on!)

She has just gotten over a week of incredibly high fever, higher than I or Nathan were comfortable with. The highest it got was 104.4, which is scary...poor baby. After 2 visits to the Dr. (a NEW one I might add, the last one was not very helpful) and a flu test, having to do a catheter to get urine, and a strep test, all came back negative ~ YAY! So it was determined to just be a "fever virus", which lasts 3-5 days. Our first Dr. would NEVER have even ordered the tests, would have just said everything is normal and then sent us home. I am very pleased with her new pediatrician. The first thing he did upon entering the room was to come over and play with Raia. He let her touch the stethescope before using it (she was still not very happy though) and he let her "help" him examine her, at which point she started crying, but hey, at least he tried! Anyway, I'm just glad she is over all that and feeling better now.

I am ending this post with a few pictures from the past week or so.

This is Raia checking out the Koi in the little pond at the Arboretum on Mother's Day...great diversion from the impending meltdown she was about to have ~ it was HOT!!

This is actually an Elmo puppet, but she LOVES to wear it on her head for some reason, LOL!

Our little Schroder, Nana and Doc will be so proud! Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, we really need a better camera!

Here is Raia playing with the water hose, getting a drink! Daddy teaches her all the fun things in life!

Nathan has started a new job this past week. He is no longer in the restaurant business! He now works for EcoLab, and he will be going into grocery stores and restaurants ensuring that all of their chemicals and cleaning supplies are where they are suppose to be and if they have enough, etc. It isn't any more money, but the job perks alone equate a NICE raise. A cell phone, a brand new computer (and it is really nice, but for company use only - for now), and last but definitely not least, a BRAND NEW CAR that he can use for everyday use, to and from work, and anything else he needs it for, all gas and maintenance paid. He is using a rental now (a PT Cruiser hahahaha), and should get his new mini van (haha!) in September. He also gets a company credit card, big whoop. He seems to be enjoying his new job, and is so HAPPY to be out of the restaurant business!!


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