Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's Cookin'?

Tonight I am attempting some homemade chili. Those of you that know me, know that I DO NOT COOK....not very well anyway. I have come close to burning our house down at least twice while making grilled cheese sandwiches if that is any indication of my culinary skills. So far the chili tastes pretty good. It is marinating on the stove top as I type, and will hopefully be unburned and tasty by the time Nathan makes it home from work. I plan to serve it over tortilla chips with cheese melting on top. My friend Kim gave me her recipe, so we will see if mine is as good as hers.

Hopefully it will taste better than it looks. I will report back on that!

As for Miss Raia, her hair is getting pretty long in the back, she has the sweetest, softest baby curls. You can probably see them in one of the pictures I posted where she was watching Elmo on the computer. Bows are a BIG thing here in Kingwood, and the little consignment shop where I work part time has lots to choose from. I have not bought any yet because Raia's hair just isn't long enough, nor did I think she would leave one in her hair. A friend gave me a few to try out that her daughters no longer wear, just to see how Raia will tolerate them. She has kept it in most of the day! She has just woken up in this picture (and is now back asleep as I type) so she was not too happy at all. Sorry for the grumpy face.

I promise to post a better pic once she wakes up and poses for my camera. But isn't it cute?? Maybe I am just not used to seeing her dolled up with bows, and I am so anxious to play with her hair as it grows longer!
On a side note, the shirt she is wearing in the pic came from the little consignment boutique where I work: $2. It had a small hole in the collar which Nathan's mom was able to sew right up (Thanks Mom!). It is super cute on her, too :)
Thanks for checking in, I will be updating on our dinner experience and baby bows ASAP!

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