Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Haunted Hotel - St. Anthony

Our haunted hotel has proven to be uneventful thus far. Aside from the scary elevator that just stood open all day on the sixth floor (our floor) with no lights on inside, a blinky exit sign, and banging noises in the pipes, nothing has happened. It is so easy to let your imagination go wild in a place like this though, and I have a few times! Last night, sitting here on the computer in the dark I got a pretty good scare. I heard a loud train whistle, and it was nearly midnight. We have been here since Monday, and have YET to hear a train go by, until last night. So that was kinda freaky.
We spoke to the guy at the front desk a few nights ago about how haunted the hotel really is, and apparently, it is frequented by a honeymoon couple around September/November. They dance on the stage at the rooftop ballroom/theater. The front desk man said its usually the smokers that are out smoking late at night that see the couple dancing. We have been up there a few times, have taken a few pictures on the stage, and nothing...guess we will need to come back in September. There is also an employee that haunts the hotel, but Frank, the front desk guy, said she only haunts the employee areas. He said he feels watched in his locker room, and has even been tapped on the shoulder once when no one was around. F.R.E.A.K.Y.
Oh! We are staying on the sixth floor, which I mentioned before. Our room is 663. Can you guess what room should be across the hall?? Yeah, room 666 is missing in action. I doubt they would have many people willing to stay in it anyway.
Tonight is our last night here, and we have had a really good time. We go down to the River Walk each night for dinner, and then come back to the hotel and just kind of explore, or watch cable TV. I tell Nathan he will need to get cable TV for me in the near future, or I am staying here LOL. I have become addicted to Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel, and various other shows that we don't get at home, too. I love all the true crime shows with Bill Curtis (I've secretly had a crush on the man for years...), and all the shows on Discovery Channel.
Anyway, I've gotten off topic. I wanted to post some of the pictures we have gotten.

This is the hotel we stayed in the first night we were here, right behind The Alamo.

A beautiful staircase in The St. Anthony Hotel.

A picture from the lobby.

A huge fireplace in the lobby.

My breakfast from room service - Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Pralines and a sliced banana. It was really good!

A picture of our room, but it is huge, so this was all I could get in one picture. It has 2 bathrooms!

Here is the TV and desk, the bathrooms are on either side.

All the doorknobs are glass, they remind me of crystal balls.

I thought the mail chute was neat. It goes all the way to the top floor. You can just drop your mail in and it goes all the way to the bottom floor. I haven't seen any mail being dropped yet, but I think that would be neat, too. I am easily amused I guess :)

Daddy & Raia on the haunted stage...We will have more pictures of this later, but the camera has died.

A beautiful stained glass cross at the Methodist Church across the street. I think it is called Travis Street Methodist Church.

And here is the steeple. Again, we have better pics, but the camera is dead. I will post the better ones later.

Here is one cute little girl and her new ducky (the night before we took it to the pool).

I will have more pictures of the little cutie pie as soon as the camera is charged up again, but here is a short video of her in her swimsuit just before going to the pool with her ducky - which she wanted nothing to do with once we got there!

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