Monday, July 20, 2009

San Antonio

Nathan has to work in San Antonio this week, so Raia and I are tagging along (yeah!). We came here once before about 6 months ago, but only stayed one night. This time we get to stay 6 days, so I am really excited! The only thing that we have to pay for out of our pocket is whatever we spend over $25 for dinner. His company pays for everything else, isn't that great?! Last night for dinner, we ate on the River Walk at a restaurant called Zuni. Nathan had a crab meat stuffed avacado salad, and I had the most amazing burger (haha, I know...). Raia shared with both of us, and I am so glad she liked the crab meat! Grand total for our meal? Around $9. Our first night here we stayed in the Crockett Hotel; it is right behind The Alamo. We have learned in our one night here so far that we have to unplug the room telephone, as Raia has been picking it up, dialing, and then holding full conversations with whoever she thinks is on the other end LOL! It is quite funny, but I don't think the other hotel guests (or whoever she dialed) appreciate her calls! They put us in a room right next to the ice machine, so we heard people getting ice all night long. I swear, the entire floor needed ice between 1 am and 5 am. And, the air conditioner in the room is a loud. For the rest of our trip we will be staying in The St. Anthony Hotel, which is haunted. Yeah...can you feel my excitement? I will see if I can catch some orbs or ghostly beings on film.
Since Nathan will be at work during the day while we are here, Raia and I will be taking full advantage of the cable TV and pool! In the evenings, we will have to see what we can get into down here as a family.
I think that's all I've got for now :) Thanks for checking in!

Glad Game:
1.) I am so glad Nathan took this awesome job!
2.) I am glad we made it here safe and sound.
3.) I am glad I have such great friends who helped me fill my shifts at work so I could come to San Antonio.
4.) I am so glad I got to talk to my mom and Aunt Flo for their birthdays, even though I called a day late for Aunt Flo's. It was so good to talk to both of them!
5.) I am so glad I have a beautiful, happy, healthy little girl, and that she loves her Mommy so much! She makes it all worthwhile!


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