Sunday, September 6, 2009

Potty Training!!

Raia's second birthday is FRIDAY!!! I cannot believe my little girl will be 2! Time flies when you're having fun! Last week she took an interest in the potty, so I decided to get her one of her very own, and let me tell ya, this girl LOVES IT! The funniest thing is, she has to have a book to read while she goes LOL! She is doing really well, I think anyway. She has been going in her potty at least twice a day, and today for the first time, she let me know she needed to go. I was impressed. I am not doing any of the "rewards" like candy or anything, I just get really excited, and squeal and clap my hands, and for now that seems to be a good enough reward for her, haha!
I went back and forth about posting a picture of her on her big girl potty. I don't think they are inappropriate, so I will share :)

Look how excited she is LOL! My baby is growing up :( but YAY for independence! And YAY for no more diapers (soon)!

I have officially joined Devon in her efforts to raise money for SMA research with Unite For The Cure by losing weight. I NEED SPONSORS!!! I am only looking to lose 15-20 lbs, and if you sponsored me for $1 per pound, that's only $15-$20. If I lose the weight :( I am not doing very well right now, I need to eat healthier, and minimize my portions, but it's hard when you only get one or two meals a day. I feel like I am running like the energizer bunny (with no energy). I have been super busy this summer with work, and babysitting, cleaning my mother-in-law's house, cakes, and trying to get a hold on my own house and family. Now that school is back in session hopefully things will slow down a bit. Back on subject though, I really need sponsors. All you have to do is leave me a comment (below, just click where it says 'comment') and tell me how much you want to pledge per pound, OR you could make a lump sum donation (just click on the Unite For The Cure button on the right hand side of this page, and you can donate with check or credit card). When you donate online, please make sure you put "Pound Out SMA" or Lovelace family in the donation box--there's a space for it. This is just to keep track of funds raised and by whom. With the checks, you'd need to put it in the memo line. (By the way, the Lovelace family is my friend Devon who I have joined to lose weight for UFTC. Her son is Dakin, you can click on the Dakin button on the right hand side of this page to go visit his blog, he is SO precious!)

Ok, I think that's all I've got for now. I have decided that the glad game is really hard for me, so I haven't done it in a while. I feel like I've been putting the same things every time I post. I need to come up with something new to do, something positive. For now, I will post a new Raia word (or words) to end my posts with. Thanks for checking in!


"Ho-Ho" - Horse :)

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Devon said...

YAY for potty training! That's awesome! Raia looks like such a big girl on that potty seat. I guess I didn't realize how close in age she and Dakin are...

we are working on getting Dakin a potty seat...It's a modified one, so it'll take a while.

Anyway, girl, you can do it!!! Let's cure this idiot disease!!!

hugs to you!