Thursday, October 15, 2009

25 Things You Didn't Know About Raia

1.) Raia cannot sleep peacefully with a blanket, or anything else covering her. The moment one is draped over her, she wakes herself up kicking it off.

2.) Her favorite movie (right now) is Bolt. She's good to go for about 25-30 minutes in her "movie chair" that we make out of pillows for her on the bed if Bolt is on.

3.) She is learning to brush her own teeth. I bought one of the electric ones with Dora the Explorer on it and Dora toothpaste, and she likes it pretty well. And she will even let me help now, after she's done, of course.

4.) Raia loves to color, and loves feeding her crayons to Gibson. I always know when he's had a crayon snack when I see his rainbow poo. (Yeah, too much info, but funny too.)

5.) One of Raia's favorite games is holding onto Daddy's back while he throws darts. She gets the biggest kick out of that, and always has loved the game of darts.

6.)Raia randomly runs up to me and wraps her little arms around my leg and just squeezes with all her might, and sometimes kisses my leg, too. It is about the sweetest thing ever...

7.) Bananas make her breath stinky.

8.) This child is fearless. No steps too steep, no chair too high, no shelving unit NOT climbed like Mt. Everest in record time! Just like her Daddy...

9.) Raia will spout off 30 seconds worth of unintelligible babble, but you can rest assured that there will be at least 3 strategically placed "Elmo"'s in there somewhere.

10.) She loves ice cream. Any flavor. At the mention of "ice cream" her head whips around and she comes running! She calls it "keem".

11.) Her eyes are blue (still) as the day she was born.

12.) Most of the time, if I lose track of her when I am at work, I can find her over in the girls' shoes section, trying on shoes. She just loves shoes!

13.) She is becoming a "Daddy' Girl". Not that its a bad thing, he eats it up. She really misses him when he is gone, and completely ignores me when he comes home, LOL!

14.) Loud barking scares her and makes her cry. Our friend has a really big Golden Retriever named Boudreaux, and Raia just loves him to death, but when he barks it sends her to tears. The same is not true for our Gibson, he could bark all day, and she doesn't cry. Boudreaux's bark is just so loud and resonant, I think it just goes right through really is kind of scary, but she just loves him (as long as he isn't barking!)

15.) Raia has an Elmo seat cover for her car seat, and MUST kiss Elmo before going anywhere.

16.) Most of the time, Raia will kick off her shoes in the car, no matter how short or long the trip. It drives me nuts LOL!

17.) Lately, one of Raia's least favorite times of day is naptime and bedtime. She fights it like a champ!

18.) She has become QUITE the mimic! I am really having to watch what I say. I've never been one to have the cleanest language, especially when frustrated, so now I am really having to watch it! But the mimic thing goes for everything; she is feeding her baby dolls, and trying to diaper them, and all sorts of other things too.

19.) I am teaching Raia how to blow her nose. When I was younger, I had major ear infections, and blowing my nose hurt terribly because of the pressure, so I am trying to teach her the "proper" way, (close one nostril while blowing out the other, then switch. It minimizes the pressure.) I didn't learn this until a few years ago!

20.) After a recent event when Raia cut her finger, I think she may have become a Band-Aid-aholic. No, really....We are down to only the giant sized ones, and I've had to hide the box for now.

21.) She is yet to be sleeping in her own bed, much less her own room. For the past few weeks we have been dealing with night terrors (I'll blog about that another time maybe). She wakes up and has NO CLUE who I am, all the while kicking and screaming, and it usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to get her calmed down, so maybe it is a good thing she is in my bed and not all the way across the house?

22.) She is in size 6 shoes, size 18-24 month and 2T clothing, but there are still some 12 month pants and shorts that she can wear because she is so thin. She is really tall, though! (34.5 inches tall!)

23.) Raia is (so far, and probably will forever be) right handed.

24.) Raia was named after her grandfather, Ray (Nathan's dad). We wanted to have the name "Ray" in there, but I wanted to make it more feminine, so I spelled it with an '..ia', as opposed to 'Raya'.

25.) I am sure for some of you, the name of the blog itself has raised a question or two. Noggin Berries?? Well, that is Raia's nickname. After putting a beaded teether on her head, I said to her "You have berries on your noggin!", and it just kinda stuck. She became Noggin Berries, or Noggie for short, or Nogs. It really does suit her!

And there you have it, 25 things you didn't know about Raia before you read this post :) Thanks for checking in!


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