Friday, October 9, 2009

Nathan has been hospitalized ~~ UPDATE ~~

On Tuesday evening, Nathan was outside checking on our cats. Apparently we have a stray hanging around and Nathan, being the 'cat-whisperer' that he is, picked him up. The cat was cool with that until Nathan started walking. The cat promptly bit down on Nathan's hand to let him know that "Hey, dude, I'm not fond of walks!" It went pretty deep, Nathan said it went all the way to the bone. Stubborn as he is, he waited almost 24 hours to go to the Dr. to have it looked at, and by that point there was not much they could do but send him to the ER. He needed IV antibiotics.
Here we are two days later and he is still in the hospital. I haven't even been able to go see him because he doesn't want me to bring Raia into the swine flu infested hospital (neither do I), and as of yet (until tonight) I've had no one to watch her.
All I know is that he has been getting lots of antibiotics, there was an orthopedic surgeon that came in this morning to talk with him about possible surgery, but said that it looked "pretty good" but they would know more when the swelling went down a little more. They also had to call an Infectious Diseases Dr. in yesterday to talk about releasing him, but I guess he said no :( Since I have not been up there, I don't know much. Nathan keeps telling me not to worry, and I think he tells me as little as he can get away with to keep me from worrying.
A friend of mine up the street has offered to keep Raia for me for a few hours tonight so I can at least go check on Nathan and take him some clean underwear. I will update if I find out anything more.

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Nathan came home this morning, and will be on antibiotics for about a month.

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Devon said...

Oh gosh, Sara! I'm sorry!!! I know how rough that can be! Feel better soon, Nathan!