Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lots of pictures

It has been a long time since I have updated. Not a whole lot is going on here, but I do have lots of pictures to share.
This past weekend we had two birthday parties to go to, and Raia had a blast at both of them. They both had the bouncy houses for the kids to play in and Raia just loved it!

Here is the cake I made for one of those parties; it was a two year old princess party :)

Here are some other pictures of Raia taken at the park. Nathan was so nice to take her for the day and let me work on the cakes I needed to do (like I said above, we had 2 birthday parties, but actually had 3 birthdays to celebrate).

Can you tell that someone likes to slide? She is becoming a master! And so independent, my word....she is growing up too fast.

On Saturday we went to a local pumpkin patch. I thought it would be a neat thing to do for Raia. Actually Nathan had mentioned it a few weeks ago, but it finally worked out for us to go Saturday.

Raia was really enjoying all the pumpkins; she loved touching each one, and picking up the small ones to "share" with us. They had a cute little bench for photo ops, as I'm sure you saw. Anyway, Nathan selected a nice sized pumpkin for us, and it was time to head home. Raia screamed and and kicked her legs, I had to almost drag her to the van, poor baby. I know, we are horrible. She'd have stayed there all night if we'd have let her.
Nathan worked hard carving the pumpkin, and did a great job. I don't think Raia really knows what to think of it; she keeps trying to blow the candle out, haha!

A few weeks ago I bought three of the tiny little pumpkins at WalMart, one to represent each of us. I drew faces on all of them, and the mommy one is the only one that really looks horrible, I couldn't think of anything distinctive about myself to draw onto a pumpkin face. Oh well...I guess black lopsided lips will have to do! Raia totes these things around all over, and calls them her "baby punkins".

I'm pretty sure Raia is going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, unless its too cold and I can't find anything to go underneath her costume.

That is a handmade costume made by my friend Kim's mom. She made it for Kim's daughter Madison (Raia's best friend) last year for Halloween.

Here are a few more random pictures.

And here she is lovin' on Jayden (isn't he precious?!). I work with his Mommy at the resale shop - that's where this pic was taken. We are so lucky to be able to take our kids to work with us!

I think that's all the pictures I have for right now. I realized the other day, as I was looking through the 359 photos on my phone, that I really needed to delete some of the pictures and email some of them to myself to post here. So, sorry if all this cuteness has overloaded your computer. You know you were missing it though, since it had been so long since I last updated and all...

Raia is talking so well now. About a week or so ago I heard her singing, and realized it was the alphabet! Granted, its not perfect, but geez, the ALPHABET?! I will try my hardest to get that on video, but this little stinker stops doing anything cute the second the little red light comes on....bummer.

The other day I made waffles for breakfast, and when I came in to sit down, Raia said to me with the sweetest look (while patting the seat next to her), "Mommy, sit. Wapples!" I've told that story to everyone I know because it is just so cute, and now she says it all the time LOL! Silly goose!

Last night I was getting pretty cold, and asked Raia if she was cold, and she promptly said to me, "Git unner da cubbers, Mommy!" Hahahaha!

On another note, Nathan is out of town again this week. He says this will be the last time he has to go out of town. He is actually in Denver, Colorado.
He sent me some really pretty pictures today, but I haven't uploaded those yet.

He and I are still going to counseling, and if you've got a minute and a spare prayer, I would really appreciate it. We could really use it.

I think that's all I've got for now. It is almost 1 am, so I better get to bed! Thanks for checking in! And again, I welcome any and all questions or comments, any topic suggestions for my blog would be great, too :)


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