Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being Baptized

As most of my readers know, in early March I rededicated my life to Christ. This was something that I had felt in my heart that I wanted to do for quite some time, and I decided that it was time. Then, on March 28th, 2010 I was baptized. This was an outward expression of my faith to those around me looking on, to those who know me and know that I did this, and to God that I am His forever and ever. Pastor Nathan Lino preached just a few weeks prior to my baptism about what it takes to be saved, and that touched my heart so deeply, and I knew that in order to prove to myself, to others, and to God that I am a God fearing Christian woman, a lover of Jesus Christ, I needed, wanted to do this. My husband and Raia were there, along with Nathan's parents, and my two dear friends Cathy and Tammy who have been such a big part of getting me back into church - they are such wonderful influences on me, and I love them both so much.
Here is a video of my baptism (thank you Tammy and Richard for this video!). This is a day I will never forget!!

Cathy holding Raia while videoing the baptism.

Nathan's dad was very emotional, and very sweet. He was so happy that he was crying. I love him!!

I can't say that rededicating my life and being baptized has made my life any easier. If anything, it has gotten harder. I know that Satan does anything in his power to bring me down, and he throws obstacles in my life to make it hard for me, get me frustrated, anything he can to make me turn away from God. But luckily, I know that God is always with me, and that through every trial there is a lesson. I have not endured every trial since my baptism with grace (as I would love to), but I am a work in progress. I saw a saying not too long ago and loved it: "I ain't what I should be, but I ain't what I used to be, either!" Love it!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wow, it's been a while!!

Sorry I've been gone so long. Every time I start to write a post, Raia wakes up, so, sorry folks! I haven't forgotten about ya!!

I have lots to tell, but for now, pictures will have to tell my story for me. As soon as we are back in the lower 48, and Raia is sleeping soundly, I will lay it all out there for you to read!

Waikiki Beach:

Hanauma Bay:

Me, SNORKELING!!!! That was awesome :)

After Hanauma Bay, we drove up the coast toward the North Shore:
(No idea who that guy is)

North Shore - I was too sunburned to get out and even look around, but I enjoyed looking at the waves from the car:

We saw fields upon fields upon fields of what we thought was Aloe...
(This isn't the greatest pic, sorry)

We found out a few miles down the road what it was, PINEAPPLES!!

Ok, that's all I've got for now. We leave Hawaii tomorrow, and although I am terribly sad to be leaving this beautiful state, I will be glad to get home. Thanks for checking in!