Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Few Recent Pictures

Since I have been missing in action for a month and a half, figured I would post a few pictures. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, so sorry (again, for the umpteenth time) for the lack of posts.

Just ignore my messy kitchen. The cutie-patootie toddler is there to distract you from her surroundings! Raia was helping me make cookies. Chocolate chip walnut, to be exact :)

Our cat, Shula, decided that she'd take up residence temporarily in the car seat that had been placed on our kitchen floor. Raia thought it would be nice to read her the story of Cinderella. It's one of her favorites!

We took Raia to see her very first movie in the movie theater. We saw Toy Story 3...nevermind that she hasn't seen the first two! She was more excited than she looks in the picture, not sure why she has the grinch-face.

Ok...DON'T swallow your tongue!! She loved it, I promise!!

Decided we'd go to the Children's Museum one Sunday afternoon. God blessed us that day - parking was free, AND our admission into the museum was free!! We had no idea, just went there on a whim for family time!!

I will try not to let it be so long before I post again. I always say that, or something similar, and then fail miserably.