Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So blessed

I am so blessed. Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl in the world. I thank God every single day for my family, and for my friends, both of which are so very important to me. Like I have said before, the friends I have in my life now are the kind of people I wish I'd have been friends with long ago. Just all around wholesome people, loving, caring, would do anything for me. One friend in particular, I've mentioned her here before, Tammy, played a huge part in me giving my life back to Christ. I've been incredibly blessed by her, in so many ways. She is the one who called me on March 1, and prayed with me, and talked with me about God. It was that day that I rededicated my life to Christ. Read her blog post, she tells it so much better than I do. I love you Tammy, you are a true blessing!!

Click here to read Tammy's post.

I just wanted to share that. Thanks for checking in!


Friday, May 21, 2010

What I've been up to and my new blog :)

Not much has been going on here. I have been very busy the past few weeks with cake orders, birthday parties and baby showers! This past weekend I only got 7 hours of sleep between Friday morning and Sunday night. All of the orders at one time were also a blessing, because I've had lots of financial things hit me/us all at the same time. After this past weekend, I decided I needed to have a place for potential customers to view an album of my work without me having to add them to my personal Facebook friends list. I have been planning this for quite a while, but never could come up with a name I liked. To remedy this, I had a contest on Facebook to help me come up with an appropriate blog name for just my cakes and other treats. The winner would receive a large order of cake balls, and the runners up would get a smaller order. The names that I really liked were:

1.) The Sweet Life
2.) Simply Sweet
3.) Heavenly Treats
4.) Simply Sweet Heavenly Treats

What would YOU have chosen? If you want to see which name won, CLICK HERE, it will take you to my new blog :) I hope it will be a great success! It will at least save me from adding weirdos to my personal friends list on Facebook LOL! Keep in mind that I have just started this new blog, so there isn't much there just yet, only a few posts. You all know how terrible I am at updating this blog, hopefully I won't be so terrible at updating that one since I will only have to write out a little snippet about the cake that the post is about.

Now back to this previous weekend. Here is everything I did (all of these will eventually be posted on the new blog, but I want to post them here now to show you what I've been up to).

For two little girls, turning 7 and 3. This cake matched the party napkin.

Cake Ball Truffle Pops

Elmo cupcakes - there were 36 in all. These little buggers were hard to do, and I was kind of unhappy with how some of the mouths turned out. Live and learn!

These were for a girl at our church's baby shower. She is having a boy, and the colors matched perfectly with all the flowers and balloons they had there (from what I hear - I wasn't there!)

Two plates of chocolate dipped pretzels and a plate of Cake Ball Truffles. These were for my good friend Kim's baby shower. I decorated them with blue sugar sprinkles because she is having a BOY!!! I cannot WAIT!!!

Cake Ball Truffles

The weekend before that, I had a pretty big order, too. My very first "customer" was having a first birthday party for her little boy. She wanted a smash cake for him a few days earlier because he was having his pictures taken, and then on Saturday she wanted another smash cake and 36 cupcakes - some of which were on a board to form the number "1" and the rest were decorated separately. Stripes and all! I think they turned out super cute :)

So now that you know how busy I've been, maybe you'll forgive me for not updating as often as I should have? And maybe these pics of Raia will help, too...

Wish I could've gotten video of this, they were practically in sync with each other. Raia would hang her head down, Gibson would too, then Raia would tilt her head to the side, Gibson did too! She just loves her doggie!!

Me and my tiny gal after we played with makeup :) She looks like a princess!

Nathan brought Raia a rose from our rosebush after he cut the grass. She loved it!

This is what happens when you leave a tiny artist alone for two minutes!

I have hung some of her works of art on our door to the garage. I just love seeing it every day walking in or out, or when we are in the kitchen making food. She is so creative!!

One last thing before I go...On Saturday before Mother's Day, Nathan noticed that one of our outside cats, Mr. Lynx, was limp, and not doing well at all. He rushed Mr. Lynx to the emergency vet, where after a few tests they determined he had kidney failure. This was so sudden, the day before he seemed fine. Nathan brought him home with antibiotics, and tried his best to get food and fluids in him. Sunday, Mother's Day night, he was so much worse. Nathan and I agreed that if he did not improve drastically overnight that we needed to do the right thing and take him to the vet and let them put him to sleep. The next morning, Nathan woke me early and told me to come say goodbye. At first, when I saw him, I thought he was already gone, he was not moving and felt cold to me :( He did meow and start purring (he always purrs), so I said my goodbyes. Nathan loaded him up and took him on that last car ride. Before the vet could even see him, Mr. Lynx passed away. He purred all the way to the end. He was such a good cat, and he will be so very missed. I still look for him when I go out into the garage, or under his favorite bushes by the driveway... Nathan found him right after I came to Texas. He couldn't have been more than about 4 or 5 weeks old, and had a BALD head. We have no idea what happened to him! He was so scared, and when Nathan was bringing him up to our apartment, a mean old lady that lived below us was leaving her apartment. I guess her opening the door scared Mr. Lynx, and he jumped out of Nathan's arms and bolted straight into her apartment! He hid underneath a big piece of furniture, and Nathan had to tell the lady he was pet sitting so she would let him get the kitten. I am so glad he finally retrieved Mr. Lynx, unscathed! We have had many grand adventures with Mr. Lynx, and now he is off to even grander adventures in the sky. We will miss you, Purr Master!!

Thanks for checking in :)