Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I never really know how to start out a blog post, or what to title it unless there is something specific going on. So consider this a hodgepodge of info from my family to yours :)

Raia is growing up so fast, I just can't believe it! We had a great Halloween; we went to church that morning, and then to the church's Fall Festival that evening. Raia and I both dressed up as bumble bees! We got so many compliments :) Raia had a lot of fun playing games, doing the cupcake walk, jumping in the bouncy houses, we even went on a hay ride!

We are so blessed to be at this church, so blessed...They always have great things going on for each holiday for the kids, not to mention all of the other wonderful things going on in our city to help the poor, or to help people in bad situations. I can't wait to be a part of everything that's going on! OH!!! I got a letter last week saying that I am now an official member, so that made me SUPER happy!!

I have been really busy with my cakes, and I hope to update The Sweet Life very soon! I may have to break it up into several posts, I have been that busy!

I had my second round of nerve blocks today. Ugh! They are very painful, and then I feel YUCK for the rest of the day. Still no change in headaches, and if anything, this past week has been much worse! On the headache log she gave me to keep track of the severity of the headaches, I had 7 (going on 8) days of straight "X"s, meaning severe headache. She said we weren't giving up yet (and I hadn't even thought of giving up yet!); she did say it could take 4 - 6 rounds of these nerve blocks before I see any improvement. And as of today we begin tapering my pain medication (YAY!). One part of me is scared to death to give them up. I am being blatantly honest here...with my history of addiction, I am terrified. So I covet your prayers on that front. The other part of me will be so relieved to get this monkey off my back. It's like a catch-22, I need the medication because my headaches without it become unbearable (think of day after day after day feeling like you have a rod through your head, and a screaming tightness at the back of your neck), but my body and my behavior become so used to taking them that it becomes a habit. Scary. I have learned that I cannot go one day without it without having the shakes, stomach "issues", lightheadedness, on top of a severe headache. My previous quack Dr. would "forget" to refill my prescription on a Friday, and I'd be left for a Saturday and/or Sunday with no meds. What I learned today is that the medication I'm on is not something you can stop cold turkey without having seizures...so that makes me really angry with my previous Dr. Anyway, if you don't mind keeping me in your prayers over all of this headache mess. Hopefully the nerve blocks will begin taking effect soon.

A month or so ago a friend of mine wanted to take some pictures of Raia to build up her portfolio. Unfortunately, the first shoot she did, none of the pictures came out because of a camera setting, and it was a GREAT session! Bummer. The second time we went out was so hot and muggy, but she got a few good shots :) Here are just a few:

Thanks so much to Brookleigh Photography! You can find her Facebook page (and other examples of her work)---> HERE <---.

Ok, that's about all I've got for tonight. Thanks so much for checking in!