Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Suicide Watch & Funny Words

A few weeks ago, a comedian was on David Letterman talking about how having small children in the house was like a Suicide Watch. I can relate. I am fortunate enough to be able to take my daughter to work with me, but let me tell you, finding her gnawing on an opened safety pin, a screw, a chunk of staples, is not my idea of fun. Not to mention she has found that she can open the front door!! I have had a few minor heart attacks just in the past two or three weeks. When we got home this afternoon from work, to our "safe haven" of a home, I turn my back for two seconds and find this:

Can YOU spot the crazy baby?? Is it horrible that I grabbed the camera before helping her down?
Also wanted to share the great news that I am the proud owner now of a few brand new shiny gray hairs. Yep...I found them just a few weeks ago. I always wondered how old I would be when I would get them. The story of how my grandmother went gray by the time she was 19 always frightened me. I am adopted, so I wasn't that afraid of going gray early, but the thought was always there of how weird it would be to be completely gray by the age of 19 or 20.

Ok, next order of business-
Raia is talking up a storm now, whether you can understand her or not. Most of the stuff she says is really just jibberish, her own little language, if you will...one of these days I will catch that on video for you. It is precious in a way I cannot describe. Here are the few things she says in English:

"Fow" - Flower
"Hah Dir-day D'youuuu" - Happy Birthday to you (of course!)
"I got (pause) SHOES!" - It is SO cute when she says this! This girl loves her shoes!
"Emmo Boon!" - Elmo balloon
"Tee" - Teeth (she loves to brush those pearly whites!)
"Goose" - Juice
"Yeh-Yon" - Gibson

There are a lot more, I just can't think of all of them right now. She has a pretty wide vocabulary; some of the stuff she says is just really cute though :)

Gibson is still doing really well. He is having a few puppy issues, but its nothing I didn't expect. The potty training is going much better as long as I keep him in his big crate at night, and take him out regularly. He is jumping up a lot, and he is teething, so he has been biting my hands. This is really bad, because Raia just loves to stick her hands in his mouth. For some reason she is fascinated with his mouth (mine too for that matter!). He has never broken the skin or anything, he never bites hard, yet it does hurt; those puppy teeth are sharp! If anyone reading this has any suggestions on how to stop him from biting like that, please leave me a comment! Otherwise, he is a really good dog, he is playful and fun!

Gibson, anticipating a treat!

Ok, that's all I've got for now. Thanks for checking in!


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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL on the shelf thing picture!! I LOVE IT!!