Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amazing Week

This past week I have had some wonderful, amazing things happen in my life. I will try to explain everything the best I can. First, on Wednesday I found out that my sister-in-law is pregnant! Raia is going to have a little cousin! YAY!! I am so happy for Beth and Michael :)

Next, I spent Thursday and Friday with my friend Cathy. Her little boy Parker was having his 1st birthday party, and we were making his cakes! Cathy is such a wonderful woman...she is beautiful inside and out. She really wanted to be a part of making Parker's cakes, and she did great! I will post her pictures, as mine were not so great.

Also, on Thursday while I was at Cathy's, I got a phone call from a lady who works for a local grocery store (HEB). I had recently filled out an online form to possibly participate in their Shopping Challenge. Well, I was selected (woohooo!!), which means that I get to go shop in their store and get $150 of FREE groceries :) We scheduled it for Monday the 8th (that was today, I will get to that in a few minutes).

On Saturday, I had to work. I get a phone call from Nathan after I had been there about an hour. Our conversation went a little something like this:
N: "Do you know anything about a KithchenAid Mixer?"
Me: "Huh? What are you talking about?"
N: "There is one on our front porch..."
Me: "What?! Is it in a box?"
N: "Yeah. Brand new in the box, where did it come from? You didn't order this, did you?!"
Me: "NO!! What does it say on the box?"
N: "Has your name on it, from Amazon.com"
Me: "I have NO IDEA!! Is there anything else on it? A return address maybe?"
N: "No, just Amazon.com"
So, ladies and gentlemen, I have a brand new KitchenAid Stand Mixer, and I have NO IDEA who sent it to me! I am grateful for it, to say the least, floored actually, because these things are NOT cheap! Everyone I have asked and have talked to say not to question it, and to enjoy the gift. So enjoy it I will do! All I can say is WOW...and THANK YOU to whoever sent it to me, you have no idea how grateful I am :)

Nice, huh? I have already used it twice and made this cake for a friend. I know it is kinda plain, but I like it - hope she does too!

On Sunday I went to church with Cathy. I have really been feeling God pull me back into church, the best times in my life were had when I was a part of a church. I love Cathy's church; even though I was raised Methodist, this Baptist church just seems to fit me (so far). I have been so moved each time I attend - its great! This Sunday they were having Communion. At first, I was a bit apprehensive and didn't know if I would be allowed to participate since I was not a member. I had no clue how they would do Communion. There was a Catholic church I visited once for Easter a few years ago, I wasn't allowed to participate in their Communion because I am not Catholic. So I just didn't know. I was pleasantly surprised, and learned new things about Communion that I didn't know before. I loved the way the pastor explained the last supper, and the breaking of the bread. The entire service was about The Last Supper and what Communion means. Luke 22:19 says - And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them saying "This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me." - The pastor said that Jesus knew there was a traitor sitting at the table with him that night, and yet He still gave thanks to God and broke bread with him. WOW. Every time we take Communion, we do it in remembrance of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. The pastor talked about the eulogy at a funeral, and how it sums up the life of a loved one. He asked what we would say if we were asked to give a eulogy for Jesus. Then we all prayed, and I realized I had no idea what I'd say if it were my duty to give Jesus' eulogy, and I really needed to figure that out. We sang a song just before Communion, I don't remember the name of it, or any of the words, but WOW, I was moved...had tears streaming down my face - it was powerful. Thank goodness I was in the back row! I think I've gotten way off track here, I just wanted to say that church was probably the most wonderful thing that has happened this week in my week of awesomeness :)

Ok, now it is Monday - my day to do the HEB Shopping Challenge! I was nervous and excited all at the same time. The lady who walked with me was really nice, and helped me when I didn't know where something was, she was super patient with me (and my coupon shopping!). My friend Rita was picked to do it a few months ago, and she is the one who sent me the application to fill out (Thank you!!). After about 2 hours, I thought I had about $150 worth in my cart. I had been using a calculator to keep tally, but the darn thing kept turning off, so I lost track. The lady was so nice and told me I could go check out, use my coupons, and if I wasn't up to $150 I could go back for more. I didn't think I'd be able to do that. I was pretty close - $127.02. We went back for a few more things that I had put back because they were not needed and cost a little more than what I wanted to spend, so YAY!! My total after that was $149.30! It was awesome :) Here is everything I got (click on the picture for a closer look if you want). I had to buy all national brands, no store brand items. Some things are hidden because I had to stack items, but you get the idea.

Raia has been an absolute doll this week. Yesterday Gibson came in the bedroom and jumped up on the bed beside us, and I asked Raia "Where are Gibson's ears?....Where are Gibson's eyes?....Where is Gibson's nose?....Where are Gibson's whiskers?" That one confused her, so I had to teach her what whiskers were. Last night, she was still talking about whiskers, so I asked her where her whiskers were. She thought a minute and then said "I not have whiskers." I decided she should have some of her very own :)


Well, it is very late, I really need to go to bed. Thank you for checking in :)


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Devon said...

Holy heck, those Kitchen Aids are SO expensive!!! I am jealous--you can get the cool pasta attachment and everything! AGH SO JEALOUS! lololol, mine is just a Sunshine one.

The cakes look great!

What a great weekend you had!!!!