Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raia Reading

Raia's love for reading has really blossomed over the past few weeks. She loves to be read to, and just loves stories in general. Every night while I rock her to sleep (or near sleep), she asks me to tell the Cinderella story. That one is her favorite. Sometimes I tell Snow White, or Elmo and Gretel - same version, only a name substitution because she loves Elmo so much!
Just the other day, I caught her on video "reading" her Cinderella book. If you listen closely, you will hear the words "Once upon a time", "Cinderella", "child", "Evil Stepmother", and just toward the end, it sounds like she says something like "knock on the door" which I am thinking is the part where the King's Messenger comes knocking on the door to deliver the invitation to the Royal Ball. Soooo cute!!

On a side note, I have really noticed how horrible some of these stories are, especially Hansel and Gretel!! The old witch was going to EAT those poor children!! I guess when you are young, you don't really think about how awful the stories least I never did. The childrens stories I read always had a happy ending. The children always had little animal friends to help them out of scary situations, the Prince always came and whisked the poor maiden away to a better life in the castle, and the bad guy ends up under a pile of rubble - not dead, mind you, just out for the count.

Here are a few cute pictures of Raia from this week.

Cutie pie on her Zoe (from Sesame Street) pillow. We call it the Zoe pillow because it is orange like Zoe, and Zoe's favorite color is pink, which is on the opposite side :) A gift from Aunt Chotty for Christmas :)

Here is one brave child - up in the shelving unit!

These last two are showing off a new beanie that I got her where she can actually wear her pretty bows! Her hair is so thin these big ones just fall out...or are pulled out! (Thank you again Devon, we just love them!)

Well, sorry this post was so short. I decided to blog before Raia's bedtime, and well, now it IS bedtime!! Thanks for checking in!


P.S. Last weekend I wasn't feeling well, so Rita and I had to postpone making my Grandmother's 7 layer chocolate cake. We will hopefully do it the weekend after the Super Bowl!! Can't wait!!
ALSO - I think my new headache meds are working!!!! Wednesday I asked the Dr. to let me try something else, I couldn't afford what he had prescribed previously, even with insurance (something called Amrix). So, he put me on Amitriptyline, and so far no bad side affects, it doesn't make me sleepy or woozy or anything, AND it is super cheap!! I haven't had as many headaches, and the ones I do get are not as strong. YAY!!
Ok, to bed now!

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Devon said...

Well great on the headaches!

And no prob--those bows are just beyond cute on girl that is beyond cute.

I love that she loves to read!!! So does Dakin. :)