Monday, June 1, 2009

Middle of the night...

I can't sleep. Nathan isn't here, and every little thing I hear has me on edge. I check Raia about every 5 minutes to make sure she is still breathing. It must just be the nervousness I'm feeling, I don't know. It could also be the quiet that fills the house, as Nathan is not here to fill it with his beastly snores. Never thought I'd miss that....
I am so proud of myself. I successfully got Raia and myself home in one piece from the airport in a MINI VAN!!! Nathan made sure to tell me how to navigate myself out of the airport, follow signs, drive slow, watch traffic, watch my speed, read the signs (again) and sure enough, it was easy as pie. I think I could have done it without all the preparation, but glad I got it anyway.
Nathan is doing fine so far in Minnesota. He went out to eat tonight with all the trainees, sounded like he was ready for the week ahead. Apparently, the company he works for is huge. I'm really proud of him (even though I don't tell him nearly enough) for working so hard and for always wanting to do better and move up in whatever job he has.
This past week I have done 2 cakes, one for Nathan's boss and one for my sweet sister-in-law.

This one was for Nathan's boss. Her friend's son was graduating. I'm not too happy with how uneven the paw prints were, but hey, I'm sure it was tasty!

This one was for my sister-in-law, who absolutely LOVES horses, and she also LOVES Nolan Ryan. Just my luck that I'd find a picture of Mr. Ryan riding a horse. I was able to combine her two favorites perfectly! I hope she was surprised and liked it!

Next weekend I have a pirate themed birthday cake to do, so stay tuned for more cake pics!
That's all I have for now, I think I will attempt sleep again. Thanks for checking in!

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