Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick update on Gibson...

I took him to a vet in Tomball yesterday, a little over an hour drive from us (but still in the same county, ugh!). The vet was absolutely wonderful, she explained everything really well for me, and didn't dash every hope I had for his recovery like the other vet did. She said she couldn't say for certain that it was distemper, that it may very well be a bad case of kennel cough. He also has mange, the bad kind that humans can get (eeek!!). BUT...he is on new antibiotics, and a cough medicine, and she gave me Advantage for the mange (who knew?!). Today, he is like a brand new puppy! It actually started about 2 hours after I gave him his new meds last night, he started perking up; he has been eating, drinking, doing his business, he is up walking around and exploring, wagging his tail, he even wants to play with the cat now! I can't believe how he has made this quick turnaround, I am so happy! I know in my heart that this may only be temporary, but if he feels better for only a little while, and can be a puppy like he has never been able to do before, then it is so worth it!

This first picture was taken a few days ago, when he had almost no strength...he was so sick.

This picture was taken today, and sorry it isn't the greatest picture, he wouldn't stay still long enough! But check out that tail - some serious waggin' goin' on back there! Hooray!!

Thanks so much for checking in...
Before I go, a quick Glad Game:
1.) Of course, I am glad Gibson seems to be getting better!
2.) I am glad the animal shelter paid the bill for the vet since we are still in our 10 day fostering period!
3.) I am glad I have had so many people praying for Gibson, and sending good thoughts our way!
4.) I am so glad I didn't listen to the first vet.
5.) I am glad I don't have to stick Gibson with needles anymore, I think it stressed me out just as much as it did him!


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