Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This post is for Daddy!!

Hi Daddy! I miss you a lot, and wish you were home to play "cave" with me, or to push me on my little car, mommy just doesn't do it quite like you can! I wanted to show you just how cute I looked today in my little red dress and my new red bow! And guess what? I kept in in my hair almost all day!

Mommy wanted to take me for a walk today, but it has started raining. It's always more fun when I have both mommy and daddy along for the walk, anyway.
I hope you are having lots of fun on your trip and learning lots for this neat new job you have! I have been really enjoying riding in the mini van, daddy, there is so much room and I can see EVERYTHING out the windows!
Well, it is time to eat dinner. I love you! See you soon!
Noggin Berries

Here is one more picture for you:

"'Dis is mah mean face!"

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Anonymous said...

My NogginBerries is the most perfect and beautiful angel in the entire universe and I love her with every single piece of my heart and soul!! Love, Dad