Thursday, June 25, 2009

My little helper

I usually fuss at Nathan for letting Raia get all wet with the hose, but found out today just how fun it is. We were out watering our straw/dead grass/lawn, and ended up playing was a blast! She is such a big helper, as you will see :)

Haha! Please forgive my raspy voice at the end - I am sick and have lost my voice!

Glad Game:
1.) I am glad Raia had fun today, and me too.
2.) I am glad Gibson is pretty much over whatever made him so sick; he still has a cough and is kind of itchy, but otherwise is like a normal puppy! Weird, but I'll take it!
3.) I am glad Nathan will be home tomorrow.
4.) I am glad Nathan has such a great job.
5.) I am glad I have such wonderful friends and family!

Thanks for checking in!

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