Monday, June 8, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

On Saturday, we decided to have some family time since Nathan was home for the weekend. We went to the Houston Zoo. It is nice living in/near a big city with lots of fun things to do, especially for kids. I didn't take many pictures, and the ones I did take are pretty poor in quality. Did I mention that our camera isn't the best? It's convenient, a neat little camera, but the quality just is not great. Maybe one of these days we will have a nice digital camera!
Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

This is the view we have coming into the city. It is really quite beautiful.

Passing Minute Maid Park..."Hi!!"

Raia and a couple of new friends in the petting zoo. Look at the billy goat's toothy grin! So cute!

This guy/gal was big, but very docile. Hardly noticed we were there. Sorry for all the back shots of Raia, she just wanted to "pet, pet".

Cutest. Fox. Ever.

This was the neatest tank full of jellyfish, they were about 6 inches across.

HUGE Angel Fish!!

Me and Daddy in the aquarium...the only cool building around! It was so hot outside!

Last, but not least: this little guy. Cute little chipmunk critter, not sure what he is.

Thanks for checking in!

The pirate themed cake I was going to do...? The lady canceled on me. Bummer. It was going to be a neat treasure chest cake.

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