Monday, June 22, 2009

A little late...

I am horrible when it comes to holidays, and birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life that I forget to stop and take a minute to wish the ones I love a Happy Father's Day, or a Happy Birthday, and for that I am so sorry. For a while I had gotten a little better, sending cards and emails and such, but this year has been pretty rough. Sorry :(

So, without further ado:

Dad, Happy Father's Day to you! You have always been a great Dad to me, and it all started when you picked ME to be your daughter! I am honored to have you as my Dad, you always amaze me with your Jeopardy! skills, never missing a question, or how cool it is that you can just think up music in your head and then write it all down and it becomes "Murky Dismal" or some such great piece of music. I love all your silly puns, and your love for puppy dogs, and so many other things. I hope you had a wonderful day, Dad! I love you so very much!

Nathan, Happy Father's Day to you! It sucks that you are 1,000 miles away on Father's Day, but you are doing what any good father would do - you are working hard to provide for our little family, and learning all you can to be the best at what you do! You ARE the best at what you do, in everything, even if I try to overlook that sometimes, you are a great father. Thank you so much for being a good Dad to our beautiful little girl. One day, she will be able to thank you herself. We both love you with all our hearts!

Sara & Raia

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Devon said...

I hate to say it, but I didn't do anything for father's day. Hubby says he doesn't care, but I still feel bad...