Friday, June 19, 2009


Meet Gibson, our newest furry family member! While I can't say I was on board with this newest addition to begin with, the little guy has certainly got me wrapped around his little paw!

After the Pomeranian puppy we found and took in for a few hours a few weeks ago, Nathan has been convinced that Raia needs a puppy friend. After our history with pets, if you know us, I'm sure you will feel my reluctance through the computer screen, but after many talks, and after I was assured that this puppy would be well taken care of, I agreed. We decided to adopt from a local animal shelter, and let me just say here that I was not prepared for what we saw inside. The place was huge. We walked though room after room after room of dogs. We were there for a good two hours and still didn't see all of them. I overheard a lady at the front desk on the phone telling a caller that they take in over 2,500 animals per month. Luckily, they have a lot of volunteers (but still not nearly enough) to come in and feed, water, walk, and most importantly FOSTER these beautiful animals. They do what they can, God bless them. I left there so sad, wishing we could take more than just one home.
The room we found Gibson in was too awful to walk into when we first tried. They were cleaning it, and poor Raia was gagging from the smell, so we had to leave. I'm so glad we went back when they were done. The smell was much better, and as we were walking past all the kennels we came across Gibson. We had originally gone into the shelter wanting a small dog, preferably female, and young. The place was packed with large breed dogs (so many...). Every dog that I liked, I knew was too big, and Nathan would kindly remind me with a, "No, lets look for a smaller one". When we came across Gibson, I thought he was so good looking, and he was a young dog, and when I said to Nathan "Oooh, that one is pretty", I thought for sure he would say no, but he just asked how big he would get. Anyway, long story short, we got Gibson. He ended up having to stay at the shelter a few more days to be neutered and get his shots, but he is HOME now, and we just love him. He is a puppy, and will be a medium-large sized dog, and yeah, he is male, but he is absolutely the best dog. His breed is classified as Queensland Heeler, or Blue Heeler. He hasn't chewed anything (yet), he hasn't had any accidents (yet), and he is super tolerant of Raia (so far...we are keeping a close eye on both of them!) He has been HOME now for two days, and he seems to be happy. I took him to the vet today, and although he does not yet have a clean bill of health, I think he will soon overcome his traumatic stay at the animal shelter. He has kennel cough, and will get antibiotics twice a day for that, and worms (yuck!) that will require medicine over the next two weeks. He also need to gain a few pounds. I think we got lucky that he didn't come out of that shelter with much worse, bless his heart.
If you have pets, please SPAY or NEUTER them. If you don't, please consider visiting your local shelter and see about FOSTERING a dog or cat until they can find a forever home. And if you have room in your home, and your heart, ADOPT one. It will make a difference in the life of a helpless animal.

To make a donation to the Montgomery County Animal Service Center send to:
8535 State Hwy 242
Conroe, TX 77385

Or you could donate to your local shelter. A few dollars goes a long way!
Off my soap box now :)

Onto the Glad Game:
1.) I am glad that Gibson has taken to us so well.
2.) I am glad Nathan is enjoying his new job!
3.) I am glad summer is finally here! (Even though it is SO HOT!!! We could use a little rain!)
4.) I am glad Raia is over pink eye. Yeah, I didn't blog about that, but she had pink eye for about 4 days - yuck!
5.) I am glad...let's just leave it at that tonight....

Thanks for checking in!


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Cute puppy!!!

Ugh, I know what you mean...I CANNOT stand the humidity anymore!!