Saturday, June 13, 2009


I don't really have that much to post today, just a few pictures. Also, Nathan just had Father's Day pictures taken with Raia, I will hopefully have those up in the next few days, too. I'm not sure about what rights I have and if I can put them on the blog...we will see.

Raia on her rocking horse!

Coming in for BIG HUGS!

The cat wanted to say hi...apparently since Nathan has started going out of town, she thinks that the kitchen table is now the best place to hang out. Oh well...

Now, for the Glad Game.
1.) I am glad it is the weekend, maybe today we can go feed the ducks at the lake.
2.) I am glad Nathan is home.
3.) I am glad Aunt Flo and Mom were finally able to access my blog!!
4.) I am glad I have such good friends in my life!
5.) I am glad we were able to get pictures made with Raia and her Daddy. I know they will be great!

Thanks for checking in!


Holly said...

That little rocking horse is cute!!
Thanks for stopping by Carleigh's blog. That would've been pretty neat winning just by logging in! lol But unfortunately there were a few rules. If you like winning stuff stop by periodically. I like doing giveaways.

Devon said...

Hi Sara! Hey, where in TX are you? We're in Longview!